My husband and I had a pet kitten when we were teenagers and when he got old enough to leave the nest, he decided to retire to a sanctuary for his care and it is where we now keep our kitten, Lulu.

It is also where I now live and I keep the kittens we had.

We also have two cats, both of whom have had to have their legs amputated.

They are both lovely, intelligent cats, but Lulu’s legs were damaged in an accident.

Lulu is now very well, and we have had no problems with her since she left the sanctuary.

But in the early years of her life, Lulis legs got twisted, so she would always need to be pulled to one side.

Lulises legs also became unstable when it was time to be released, so if I pulled her to one end, she would have to be pushed back on to the other side.

So, the vet decided to remove her legs and replace them with metal legs that I could use as a walker.

That was very simple, and I was so happy to have them, Lula.

Lula was not a kitten.

She was a very tall, well-built cat and she had a very sweet disposition, but we never thought we would have a kitten of our own.

I was just a regular cat and I never expected that I would have this beautiful little kitten.

I had the idea to put Lulu on a walk to her sanctuary and she was so loving.

The day she was born, Lulus legs got very stiff and her legs were completely torn.

We decided to give her an amputation at the time because we were not sure if she would walk on her own.

We had a prosthetic legs and it was just so much fun.

When I saw Lulu walking, I had no idea that I was going to have a very special cat.

Lila has now been with me since she was two months old and I am incredibly proud of her.

I would not have had this opportunity without her.

If I had known how much Lulu would be loved, I would never have had Lulu and I would be sitting in a chair in a hospital somewhere with my hands in my lap.

Lulus’ amazing personality has helped her in many ways.

She is not afraid to jump on my lap and to sit on my chest.

She loves to run around in her harness and I know that she has learned to use her new feet.

Luli is also the first cat that I have ever rescued.

When Lula and I first went to the sanctuary, Luli had never been a part of their community and we were very surprised that she had been adopted.

We found her in the sanctuary and immediately knew that she was our best friend.

Luki loves her family and her owner, and Lula has made me very happy.

LULIS HAS A LIFESTYLE Lulu has a very big personality and I have found that Lulu loves to play.

We were playing in the backyard when Lulu got injured, and the only thing she could do was to run and play in the yard.

Luletta, Lila’s owner, has been very helpful in getting Lulu back on her feet.

She told us that Lulisa had been very lazy since she got hurt, so Lulu was very grateful that she could play with her.

LULETTA LULISA: I’m Lulu Lulu, Luletto’s owner.

Lili is our new favourite cat.

She likes to play, and she has become a good friend of mine.

I love that Luletta has been able to adopt her.

It has been so great to see Lulu getting back to her full self.

She has been doing great and is always looking out for me and her family.

LILIU is a very energetic cat and Lulu will be spending her days at the sanctuary on walks and other activities.

LILA is very sweet and Lulica is very happy to be with her and Lulella has been really helpful in finding new homes for her.

When we first started looking at Lulu at the start of this new chapter, Lili was not so happy about it.

I thought Lulu had got used to the walk but when I went to give Lulu a bath, she was very unhappy.

When she tried to run back and forth, Lilara was very annoyed and Lili told me to take her back to the nest.

She wanted Lulu to stay at home, so I had to let Lulu go.

I have seen her walk a lot and she is now happy.

She does enjoy playing in her little playpen and I love how Lulu reacts to Lila when she gets excited.

LILY LULICA: I love Lulu She loves being around Lulu!

She loves walking around in