A new book about the cannabis crisis is due to be published next month, after its initial publication in November last year.

It is called ‘Hearing the Story’ by a group of cannabis users who are also known as ‘Cannabis Activists’.

The book is about a group who came to the country to support themselves after having been exposed to cannabis in their childhoods, and how they came to take part in protests against the prohibition of cannabis.

It includes interviews with the people behind the cannabis movement, and has been written and edited by a number of former activists who came forward to give their views on the issue.

Among the topics covered in the book is the history of cannabis, as well as the rise of the cannabis industry and its use in Ireland in the 20th century.

The book comes as Ireland prepares to be the first country to legalise the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes.

The Government has promised to allow medicinal use of cannabis by people with severe conditions such as glaucoma, epilepsy and PTSD.

It has also said that the medicinal use is to be done in a way that does not create any risk to public health.

But many people, including former campaigners and current activists, believe the legislation is overly restrictive and could lead to a rise in cannabis use among children and teenagers.’

We want a fair deal, we want a change, and we want to be treated with respect and compassion’The group that has produced the book, Cannabis Activists, believe that a ‘fair deal’ is the best outcome for all parties involved.

It also believes that a “change” is needed.

The group has also published a new video on YouTube in which it talks about the importance of supporting people in the cannabis world, saying they are not ‘the only ones’ who want a ‘decent deal’ for cannabis.

“This is a message to everyone,” the group’s founder, Peter Fitzgerald, told The Irish Post.

“We want to say to everyone that we’re not the only ones who are fighting for a fair and balanced deal for cannabis in Ireland.

We’re not just the ones that are here, we’re also here and we’re just as important.”‘

It’s time to change the system’The book was first published in November 2015, when a petition calling for a “legalised, regulated and taxed supply” of cannabis was signed by over 60,000 people.

It went on to garner over 11,000 signatures.

However, despite the group receiving significant support in the form of donations, support was withdrawn following criticism that it did not address the concerns of those in favour of cannabis legalization.

The Irish Times spoke to many of the people who signed the petition, who said that they did not believe the book was accurate or accurate to the point where they could not be satisfied with the claims it made.

“I think it’s time for us to change it.

I think the system is broken, I think it should be changed,” one woman said.”

There’s no way we can be the ones to change things, because we can’t do it ourselves,” said another.

The article was then republished in December 2016, with a second petition calling on the Government to “legalise and regulate the production, distribution, sale, possession and consumption of cannabis”.

This was then published in May 2017, and it attracted over 1,200 signatures.

But it was the Government’s response to the second petition, which came as the book’s author and co-author were preparing to speak to the media, that led to the first withdrawal of support from the group.

In a statement, the Minister for Justice Michael McGrath said that he did not have the authority to withdraw support from a petition, and he had not yet decided whether to do so.

“It is a matter for the Minister and the Minister’s department to decide whether to withdraw the support.

We are working on that,” the Minister said.

The publication of the second book has prompted a number people to start a petition on Change.org, which is a petition-tracking website.

The Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar, has said that if the Government does decide to withdraw its support, the book should be withdrawn from the market.

However many have argued that a ban on the sale and cultivation of medical cannabis in the country would not solve the problem, as it would not lead to an increase in use among young people.

“The Government should stop making promises and do the work and stop putting out the false hope that this will be the way to change our country,” said Mr Fitzgerald.

“In the past the Government has made a big promise about cannabis, now it needs to do it, now they need to act, now we need to support the people that are trying to change this.”

A spokesman for the Government said that “there are no plans for a ban” on the cultivation and sale of cannabis in this country.

The statement said that