If you’ve ever wanted to tinker with the colors of your Pixel 2, the new Pixel 2 Plus may just be the phone for you.

As we reported earlier today, Google has released the official wallpaper for the Pixel 2 in an effort to show off some of the new features it’s bringing to the phone.

This includes the Pixel Launcher, a new way to use the Pixel app and new widgets and effects for the Google Assistant, among other features.

The wallpaper for Pixel 2 has a subtle, subtle look to it, and the effect on the Pixel is more subtle than the default Google wallpaper.

But this new Pixel wallpaper will be available for download from the Pixel website, and it’s also available for free to download on the Google Play Store.

We’re excited to see what Google is going to do with the Pixel launcher in the future.

This is just one of the Pixel wallpapers you’ll see in the Pixel phone’s new Pixel Launcher.

The new Pixel launcher is available to download now for the first time, and you can use it to create a wallpaper for your Pixel phone.

Just be sure to set your Pixel Launcher to “Default” when you first download it, as this feature won’t work on devices that don’t support it yet.

Pixel Launcher and Google Pixel Wallpapers are available for all Pixel devices now.

It’s worth noting that the Pixel wallpaper for this phone is the first one to show up on the app, so you’ll need to install the Pixel Wallpaper app to see it.

The Pixel 2’s Pixel Launcher also works on the iPhone and Android phones, but it’s only available on the new iPhones.