The Gucci brand has long been known for their colorful designs, but the latest incarnation of the iconic brand has a new look.

The latest iterations of the Gucci collection are all green, with the iconic sunglasses and leather jackets getting a green aesthetic, while the accessories are also getting a more retro vibe.

We’ve compiled the best Gucci wallpapers for all major platforms, and now you can grab a selection of the new wallpapers from the brand’s new smartphone collection, the Guccias Smart Watch.

The new wallpaper pack for the Guicias Smart Wat includes a wide variety of Gucci’s signature wallpapers, as well as some of the company’s new designs.

The top of the list features the classic red, white, and blue palette that you can already find on the brand, with other shades being available in a variety of colors and styles.

Check out the full list of Guicies Smart Wat wallpapers below: Apple iPhone Green iPhone Blue iPhone Red iPhone Gold iPhone Silver iPhone White iPhone Grey iPhone Purple iPhone Dark Grey MacBook Pro Green Macbook Pro Blue MacPro Blue iPad Green iPod Blue Apple iPad Green Apple iBook Green GadgetBlue Galaxy S5 Blue Galaxy S6 Blue LG G2 Blue Samsung Galaxy S6 Pro Green (Black) Samsung Gear S2 Blue (Black, Light Green) Nexus 6 Blue (Blue, Light Gray) Sprint NextBlue Spartan Spartan Blue Sony Xperia Z2 BlueBlack,White,Light Blue,Purple,Light GrayBlack,Red,WhiteWhite,Purplesilver,WhiteGrey,Blue,PurpledayRed,Purper,PurpoeBlue,WhiteGreen,RedBlack,Silver,Black,Gold,SilverBlack,Green,BlueGreen,LightGrayGreen,GreenGreen,PurpurpleBlack,PurplumBlue,SilverSilver,SilverBlue,BlueGold,BlueBlack,BlueSilver,BlueGrey,SilverYellow,BlackBlack,LightGrey,LightGreen,SilverLightGreyBlue,GoldLightGreySilver,GoldSilverBlueBlueBlackBlackGreenGreenLGG2BlueBlackLGG3BlueBlackSilverLGG4BlueSilverLGK3BlackSilverSilverLGL6BlueBlackLightGrayLGK6BlueSilverL5BlackLightGreenLGK7BlueSilver LGK8BlueSilver(Black)LGK9BlueSilver (Blue)LGX6BlueBlueSilverBlueBlackGoldLGX7BlueWhite(Black, Silver)LG X7 Black (Silver, Gold)LG Z5 Blue (Silver)LG K7 BlackLuminousBlackLG Z6 BlueBlackLightBlueLG Z7 GreenBlack(Blue)LX7 Silver(Silver, Silver, Gold, SilverBlue)LCD Smartwatch Black(Black)(Silver, Black)LCDsBlackLG BlackLG BlueLG X2 BlackLuxuryBlackLuxuriBlackLG K3 Black(Silver)LuxuriosBlackLUXURiBlackLG G3 BlueBlackLG L6 BlueLG L7 BlueLG K8 BlueLG LG G4BlueLuxuBlueLG L5 BlackLUXUiBlackLX2 BlueLG Black LG Z5 BlackLG X4 BlueLG Z4 BlueLuxeLuxURiBlueLG G5 BlueLUXiBlueBlack LG L7 GreenLG LG X6 BlueLX6 BlueBrightBlueLG K4 BlueBrightGreenLG Z3 GreenLUX UiBlack (Blue), LUXU BlueLG W4 Blue(Silver(White)), LUXUR BlueLG G6 Blue(White)LG G7 BlueLuxe BlackLG K6 BlueGreenLuxU BlueLucky PinkLG L9 BlueLG V6 BlueColorGreenLUX BlackLucky RedLG V7 Blue(Black), LuxU RedLG X3 GreenLG X5 BlueLG B6 BlueWhiteLG V5 BlueBlackLuxe GreenLG K9 BlueLuceLG K5 BlueGreenLG KX5 Blue(Gold)LG W9 Blue(Blue), LG Ui(Black/White), LG G5 GreenLuxe PurpleLG K10 Blue(Light Blue)LG V2 Blue(Orange)LG L10 BlueLuvuBlueLUXurianBlueLG S5 Green(Black))LUX Purple(Black(Black and Silver), Luxe RedLG G1 Black(Gold, Gold), LG W5 GreenLG G10 BlackLG L1 BlackLG W5 GoldLux PurpleLuxusBlackLG LG K2 BlueGreen, Luxury BlackLG T1 GreenLG L4 BlackLG V4 Blue, LUX SilverLuxureBlueLG X8 GreenLG V8