In honor of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s 50th anniversary this year, NBC’s The Late Late Show with James Corden is revisiting the show’s classic episodes and introducing a new set of fans to the franchise’s history.

On Tuesday, the show will premiere the first four episodes of the “Star Trek” reboot, which will be followed by the premiere of the show again on Sept. 15.

Here are the four episodes that will debut in 2018: “Chain of Command” (1956): A newly arrived Starfleet officer is sent to investigate the disappearance of an alien race called the Vong.

His investigation eventually leads him to a remote planet, where he finds that his ship is in danger of being attacked by the Vongs.

As the Vons begin to attack, he decides to help save his ship, the Enterprise-D.

“Tin Man” (1964): When Starfleet forces destroy a Vong vessel and take over the planet Vulcan, the crew of the Enterprise discovers that it was a trap set up by the Klingons.

The Klingons plan to use the Enterprise to destroy the Vulcan system, and the Enterprise crew begins to track the Klingon threat, which has grown in size and influence.

“Somewhere Out There” (1963): The Enterprise-E has been hijacked by an alien life form, and it has to find a way home.

The crew of Enterprise-A is on their own trying to track down the alien life forms and save the crew.

“A Matter of Time” (1965): The USS Enterprise-B has been under attack by the Cardassians.

The Enterprise crew tries to find out who is attacking the ship, but the Cardassian commander and his crew are working to take over Starfleet.

“Equinox” (1967): After a deadly attack by Klingons, Starfleet orders an all-out attack on the Klingon homeworld, leaving the Enterprise and Enterprise-C stranded in orbit.

The Romulans and the Cardasses launch an attack on Enterprise-G, but Enterprise-F is damaged.

“The Enemy Within” (1968): After the Cardasseans attack the Enterprise, Starfleet decides to evacuate the ship and its crew to the Cardas homeworld of Zetar, where the Enterprise can escape.

“Endgame” (1969): After an alien attack on an Enterprise-class starship, the Romulan ship attacks and destroys the ship.

Aboard the ship is a mysterious woman, who becomes Captain Kathryn Janeway, who takes control of the ship when her crew is captured.

“Yesterday’s Enterprise” (1970): Captain Janeway and her crew are sent to Zetaris, where a Romulanic warlord known as the Rancor threatens the planet.

In order to stop the warlord from destroying the Enterprise by force, Captain Janaya and the crew must find a place for their crewmates on the Enterprise.

“Day of Honor” (1972): The Romulus Star Empire, led by a mysterious female, plans to destroy Starfleet.

Captain Janeways and the remaining crew must escape Zetari.

“Chain Reaction” (1973): A Romulanian officer and his Vulcan-like alien servant are sent by the Romulus Empire to investigate an attack.

The two officers soon discover that the Romuls have captured two of the Romuli.

They discover that both Romulani ships were built by the same alien race and that the ship’s crew were Romulonian.

“Paradise Lost” (1974): Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the USS Enterprise are captured by the mysterious alien species, the Borg.

In the aftermath of the battle, Picard and his friends are rescued by the Borg, who are led by Captain Jean Kirstein.

“Warlord” (1975): A mysterious new race known as “M’Kraan” appears in the Mirror Universe and tries to destroy all life on Earth.

They kidnap Picard and Captain Janier, who were able to escape aboard the USS Voyager.

Picard, Janier and Janeway team up to find the M’KRAAN’s location.

“Battlestar Galactica” (1977): A group of Borg are attempting to steal the ship from the Mirror Empire.

The Borg force the crew to leave the ship so that the Borg can finish their job.

“Miri” (1978): The Borg attack the USS Vengeance.

The Vengeance and the Borg force a confrontation between the Vengeance and Captain Picard, who manages to convince the Borg to release the crew from their bonds.

“Starfire” (1979): A new species of Borg known as K’vath discovers the ship the USS Nemesis.

The Nemesis is captured by K’Vath, and Picard and Janier escape the Nemesis.

“Encounter at Farpoint” (1980): A crewmember from a different ship named Kirk is aboard the Nemesis when it is attacked by K’tar and its Borg slaves