An image from the iPhone 4S smartphone.

Apple has been working hard to get its new iPhone 4 smartphone to look gorgeous and premium.

Now the company has released a series of free wallpaper options that include a collection of new, premium iPhone 4s wallpaper.

Apple says the iPhone wallpaper collection is a combination of premium and classic iPhone wallpaper.

The new iPhone wallpaper options are available to download from the App Store for $9.99 per month.

You can also buy the iPhone 5 wallpaper, which is available for free on Apple’s website.

Apple also released a set of four iPhone 4 wallpaper themes, which feature classic iPhone 4 images with bold colors.

Apple’s iOS 7.0.1 update introduced the new iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G.

The iPhone 5 comes with the new A11 Bionic chip, which offers faster processor speeds and faster graphics.

The A11 is a 64-bit processor with 2GB of RAM, along with 512MB of storage.