President Donald Trump has long been accused of being a pathological liar and is now accused of lying to the American people in his administration.

The president’s lies, however, have not led to the death of one of his Cabinet members.

What the president has done, however much his lies might seem to be a major reason why he’s still in office, is that he has made the lie a central part of his administration’s messaging.

He has used the lie repeatedly to undermine the legitimacy of the president of the United State.

And that, in turn, has led to a massive outpouring of support from people around the country.

In his first year in office he has created a false narrative that President Barack Obama ordered the killing of a U.S. citizen by an American drone.

He has repeated the lie over and over again, often to a level of certainty that no reasonable person would believe, claiming that a United States citizen had been killed by drones, as though the U.N. Security Council had issued a resolution condemning the president for his false claim.

He also repeated the false claim during the election, despite the fact that he had said on multiple occasions that he would have no tolerance for lies.

Trump has also made false claims on the border wall, climate change, the war in Afghanistan, and more.

Trump’s administration has also pushed back against critical news coverage of the U:S.: war in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as a report that he did not disclose the identity of his chief of staff as the man who was killed by a Russian submarine during the NATO air war in Syria.

Trump has attacked reporters who have covered the truth about the false claims he makes.

He once attacked CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who has covered the war and war crimes for the network, for his ability to report honestly and accurately on the president.

Trump has attacked the press for the reporting he has done on his administration, and has repeatedly called the media “dishonest.”

He has also used the falsehood to attack his political opponents, and he has continued to make it a central element of his attacks.

Trump once called former Republican senator Chuck Schumer and his Democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren, liars and accused them of working to “subvert the will of the people” by trying to take away his presidency.

He said he would not be satisfied until they were “dead.”

Trump and his allies have also made it clear that they are determined to attack the press and journalists who report on them, and have repeatedly said they intend to destroy the press.

This includes, among other attacks, labeling reporters who do not toe the administration line as “disgusting,” and accusing them of having a “disgraceful” political agenda.

In an interview with the New York Times on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, “The president is committed to fighting back against any attacks on the media.

The White House will continue to make clear to reporters, particularly those who do the hard work of reporting, that they will not be treated fairly.

They will be attacked and vilified, and will not survive the next administration.”

In his inaugural address, Trump claimed that he is fighting back by building a wall on the U.-Mexico border, ordering border patrol agents to “send the criminals back,” and using “every tool at our disposal” to protect America from the “rioting, bloodshed, and death” that would result if the wall were built.

When asked about his use of the lie during the campaign, Trump’s spokesperson Sarah Huckabee told CNN on Thursday that the president’s “use of the falsehood is not new.”

She added that the falsehood was not something that the Trump campaign had said in any way.

“He did not say this at the time,” Huckabee said.

“The press secretary said he was not going to say it and he was in fact repeating it, but I don’t think the press secretary is saying that to the public.”

This week, the Trump administration announced the creation of a commission to investigate the “false claims” about the president that have been repeated by his administration and that have “been used to undermine his presidency and to discredit the legitimacy” of the new president.

The White House has also issued an unprecedented statement on the false statements that it claims the press has made about the new administration.

The administration has issued a formal statement that it believes to be the most comprehensive and detailed effort yet to address the widespread false claims about the Trump Administration and the press’s role in covering it.

The statement from the White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee, reads: “The President has repeatedly lied about the U-2 spy plane incident and other matters that he believes undermine the American way of life.

The President believes