Posted August 02, 2018 07:01:18 The best video on YouTube for basketball has been uploaded in full, thanks to the hard work of a Melbourne student who created it.

The video, called Basketball Paradise, was uploaded by 17-year-old Michael Moore, who went by the username MichaelDee on the social networking site.

He captioned the video, “I got the idea for this one when I saw my dad play his last game in his home gym in Melbourne,” he wrote.

“I was on the phone to the coach and he was on a call and he said, ‘you know, you know, I’m thinking of putting on a game for my boys.'”

So I said to him, ‘I’ll do it if you’ll let me borrow the ball’.

“I didn’t know if it would be legal in Melbourne, but I told him, it’s my home gym, so I figured if he wanted to play it, I’d take it.”

MichaelMoore has posted an impressive collection of video clips on YouTube, including some that have already made millions of views.

He also wrote a story about the video on the site, which has now amassed over 20 million views.

The footage includes highlights of his favourite teams, his favourite players and his favourite shots.

Mr Moore said he wanted the footage to be more of a personal story.

“If you’re a basketball fan and you want to get into the game, I want to give you some insight into the life of the basketball player and also give you insight into how that player lives,” he said.

“And this video is a perfect way to do that.”

He said the footage was not just for fun.

“It’s for my dad and my friends to have a little bit of a laugh, too,” he explained.

“There’s no commercial or anything, but just to make people smile and see it for what it is.”