I always like to compare the look of my favourite anime titles to the look and feel of the actual material they’re based on.

So I wanted to take a look at the wallpaper images that come from a few different genres, and see if there’s anything worth comparing between them.

I decided to start with a list of the most popular anime series and their wallpaper images.

It’s pretty obvious from the title of this article, but they’re not the only ones.

A lot of these are just plain old wallpapers and are a little on the large side, so I’ve left them off here.

There are also a lot of series that aren’t available in their original size and I’ve chosen not to show any of them.

There’s a lot to say about this, so let’s break it down.


Bleach (2009)The poster for the title, Bleach , comes from the original manga series by Kōhei Horikoshi and Kōji Ishiguro.

It features a lot more action than most of the series’ artwork.

This time around, it’s a darker, grittier take on the manga.

Bleach’s poster is a good example of how the art style can change over time.

The series has been a hit with the adult market, and it’s one of the first anime series to have a more graphic look for its time.

Bleach is a dark and gritty series, and its poster is the most obvious example of this.


Naruto: Shippūden (2009-2010)The image of Naruto in this poster, as seen in the manga series, is from Naruto Shippuden .

It features many of the same elements that were used for the poster above.

The most obvious one being the character designs. 

The anime is about the titular ninja, and he’s shown wearing a lot less clothes in the poster.


Cowboy Bebop (1992-1995)The posters for the two Cowboy Bebs in the image below are from the same series, but the posters are from different years.

The first series is the first time that a poster was released for this anime.

It has some really great posters.


Bleach: Naruto (2006)The first poster for Naruto, which is actually the first poster released for the series, comes from an early version of the manga that was released in 1994.

The poster is pretty similar to the one above, but it has more action and has a more realistic look to it. 5.

Naruto Shive!

(2002)This poster for The Shive!, the first and most recent anime series, came out in 2004.

It uses the same style as the poster from earlier on.

It also has a lot better art quality than the ones from earlier anime.



The Movie (2008)This is the poster for one of Naruto’s most iconic scenes, The Movie .

It shows Naruto running around, wearing all of the clothing that he did in the previous posters.

It looks great and is a great poster. 

It also features Naruto’s younger brother, Kakashi.


Naruto-kun (2002-2003)This one is the only poster for a Naruto anime that hasn’t been released yet, but you can still get a great look at him.

It includes Naruto’s new brother, Hinata, who is a bit younger than his older brother.

It doesn’t include the other members of the Naruto clan, though.

Naruto’s character design is also very different from the other posters. 

This poster has a great color scheme and the poster is just about the most interesting poster I’ve seen.


Bleach/Naruto (2009-)This poster was made for a special edition of the Bleach manga, which was released a few years after the manga’s original series, Naruto Shinden.

The title is a pretty big change for the original poster, and the title changes between scenes.

It shows Hinata running around in a different uniform.

Naruto, meanwhile, is shown in his regular outfit.


Naruto the Movie (2003-2005)This postcard-sized poster for Ninja Theory shows Naruto and the others from the series on a rainy day.

The posters are pretty much the same as the posters for Naruto Shinken and The Shiver.

It comes with the original artwork from the first Naruto anime series.


Bleach the Movie: Movie Collection (2005-2007)This posters for Bleach The Movie: A Movie Collection and Naruto The Movie are both released as a collection, and both have the same look as the first posters.

They also have some nice artwork, and they feature Naruto in his new outfit.

They’re also pretty similar in style to the posters above.


Naruto The Adventure of Naruto: Sakura’s Revenge (2007)A poster for Sakura’s revenge, Naruto’s last adventure, has a cool, different look