How to get rid of wallpaper from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:1.

Connect your phone to the wall outlet and connect your phone and the wall charger2.

Plug the phone in to your wall outlet3.

Turn the wall adapter off and turn on your wall adapter4.

Turn off the wall charging5.

Connect the charger to the phone and plug it in to the outlet.6.

Press and hold the Home button, tap the Power button, and the Power LED will flash for about 30 seconds.7.

After the battery is charged, the Home LED will turn off.8.

Press the Power Button and the Home Button LED will blink.9.

Plug in the phone back into the wall.10.

Press Power Button, Power LED, and Home LED once to turn on the charger.11.

Plug back in the wall, press Power Button once, and Power LED once again to turn off the charger and to turn it back on.12.

Turn your phone back on and hold Power Button down for 10 seconds, then press Power LED twice to turn the LED back on again.13.

After that, press and hold both the Power and Home LEDs until they turn off and then hold them down until they are off again.14.

Turn on the wall charge once more and press Power button.15.

Wait for the charge to complete.