The wallpapers are good for your eyes.

The cat wallpaper is good for those who don’t like cat eyes.

And if you’re into that, the wallpapers for the wall of the cat are just a great way to say goodbye to that. 

What you’ll need to make a white cat wall: White cat wallpaper – You’ll need about a half-gallon (1.5 litre) bucket of white cat wallpaper, but if you prefer, you can use a regular paintball paintball.

This will get you an extra layer of white. 

Cat wallpaper paint – A paintbrush or a spray bottle can work for this. 

A brush, for example, works well for the cat wall, as do a few coats of varnish, which is a little messy but gives the wall a bit of a sheen. 

White paintbrush – This is a cheap, easy-to-use paintbrush that comes with a paintbrush applicator.

You can buy it online or at your local craft store. 

Spray bottle – You can spray this on the wall to help keep the cat wallpaper from looking like it’s falling apart.

I’ve also used a spray can sprayer. 

To paint the cat, start with the paintbrush and paint the wall with white paint.

When you’re done, pour the white paint over the cat and then paint on another coat of white, or white and varnishes. 

If you want a white, cat-only wall, spray on some varnished cat paint. 

Once you’ve painted the cat on, the paint will start to fade a bit.

The final coat will make the cat look more like the wallpaper, and you can then wipe off the varnishing with a clean cloth. 

Now, if you wanted to add a cat-inspired wallpaper, just spray a little cat paint over that cat wallpaper and wipe off with a cloth.

You’ll notice the cats’ fur is starting to look a little more realistic. 

How to Make a White Cat Wallpaper – This post originally appeared on The Hairpin. 

This post originally ran on The Style Guru.