A lot of us have probably heard the words ‘glitter’ or ‘glitz’ before, but what is it?

It’s an artistic term describing a shiny object that’s a little bit of a departure from what we think of as traditional wallpaper. 

Glitter wallpaper has been around since the 1970s and is a popular piece of wall art. 

There are many different kinds of glitter wallpaper in the world. 

Some are decorative and are designed to stand out in a room, while others are decorative with the intention of looking pretty. 

You can see examples of both in our guide to glitter wallpapers. 

Glow Wallpapers with Glitter Glue Gnome Wallpaper, Gemstone Wallpaper and Tiger Wallpaper are just a few of the glitter wallpaper options. 

What do they look like? 

Glimmer wallpapers are typically made up of glitters and glitter glue. 

Most of them have a slightly metallic finish, which makes them a good choice for those with sensitive skin. 

However, some glitters, like the one above, have a more natural finish that makes them suitable for use with nail polish. 

Another popular option is a glittery vinyl wallpaper, which is made up primarily of glitter. 

While some glitter vinyl wallpapers can look more metallic, most are designed with a natural finish. 

These glittery wallpapers also make great gifts for friends, family or for decoration on your walls. 

When to use glitter? 

A glittery wallpaper can be a great way to add some colour to your home or office, especially if you have an old or worn wallpaper.

Glitter walls can be used to decorate windows or other areas that are otherwise unoccupied, or they can be placed on walls in a special location that makes it a little easier to find the glitters you need. 

Use a glitter wallpaper when you have a hard time finding the glitter you need in your decorating budget, such as if you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative to using glitter.

Glitter wallpapers should only be used on surfaces that are not covered in paint or other glittering materials. 

If you are looking to buy glitter, it’s best to look for glitter-free options instead, so you can use the glitter in a way that is not likely to damage your wall. 

A common misconception is that glittering wallpaper will make your walls look more polished.

This is not the case, as glittering walls can still look dull to your eyes. 

 But what are some other options for glittering wallpapers? 

For a more modern look, you can choose to add glittering decorations on walls to add sparkle. 

Many people prefer using glittering glitter in glittery designs such as t-shirts or dresses, while other people prefer to create glittery decorations on a wall.