A new #Zero Two Wallpapers project is launching in the Philippines.

The wallpaper is a collection of all the anime-inspired artwork in the Zero Two series that have been made available through a Japanese crowdfunding campaign.

Here’s what you need.


The artwork is available through Japanese crowdfunding.

The project has raised over 1.6 million RMB ($1.3 million).

It’s not available on Kickstarter, but fans of the series can still support the campaign by buying the series’ premium-priced Blu-ray discs or preordering the series on Amazon Prime.


The first edition of the #Z2Wallpapers is set to be released next month.

The goal is to have 1,000-2,000 of the original artworks up and ready for everyone to enjoy, with more to be added as the campaign progresses.


It’s all about the anime.

While the artworks are not entirely Japanese, the artwork and storyboards are very similar to the work of anime director and manga author Hajime Isayama.


The artists involved are mostly local animators and illustrators who have spent years collaborating on anime projects.

The #Zero2Wallpaper team includes two Filipino-based animators who have worked on both the original Zero Two anime and other popular anime.


The creators behind the art are not just Japanese.

The team also includes a number of American and international artists, and the final artwork will be hand-drawn in the style of anime composers.


#Zero 2 Wallpapers will be available in both Japanese and English.

The series’ official Twitter account announced the new collection earlier this month.


The final product will be a limited-edition Blu-Ray disc.


It will cost R$2,200 ($2,499) for the basic Blu- Ray disc.

The extra Blu-rays will be priced at R$4,400 ($6,000) for a Deluxe Blu- ray disc.


#Z 2 Wallpaper is the latest collaboration between the Japanese and Filipino art communities.

The Zero Two team was founded by artist Yasuo Kato and illustrator Yoshihiro Nagashima.

They previously collaborated on a Japanese artbook about anime.


The art is available for preorder on Amazon.

The original Japanese release of #ZeroM2WallPaper is currently on sale for R$1,799 ($2.49), but the additional Blu-Rays are on sale now for R1,899 ($3.59).


# Zero Two Wallpaper will debut on September 23.

It is available on Blu-RAY, DVD and digital download.