Apple is taking a leaf out of Google’s book and is rolling out a new wallpaper for its new flagship iPhone.

The wallpaper, which is being rolled out to iPhone users in Australia, has a theme that includes images from the Google search giant’s own web site.

“We want to make it easy for you to have a beautiful wallpaper that you can share with your friends, family and colleagues,” Google Australia’s senior marketing manager, Jason Hensley, said in a statement.

“The app has an impressive collection of images from Google.

They’re all gorgeous and the themes are all fun, so why not use them?”

The wallpaper is available on the Apple app store for $0.99.

Google has been busy this year releasing more and more of its own web pages, often as a result of Apple’s push to push new web pages to its users.

Apple has not yet confirmed if the wallpaper will be part of its new app, but Google said it would be rolling out “new wallpapers from Apple”.

“We’ve been playing with new ideas from Google for a while now, and we want to keep working on them, and share them with you,” Hensly said.

“So we hope you’ll enjoy seeing them in the App Store.”