A lot of Christmas decorations don’t look like they’re Christmas decorations, and they probably never were.

Here are a few that do: Christmas tree ornament.

It’s just a tree, with a big red heart and a crown.

But it’s Christmas decor, not a real tree.

Christmas tree in a car.

It might look like a real car, but it’s really just a Christmas tree that has been chopped into smaller pieces.

Christmas ornament in a church.

In this example, a car is decorating a Christmas Tree in a Church.

Christmas car.

This is another Christmas decoration that you might see in a Christmas decor store, and it’s a Christmas car with a white background.

Christmas star.

This star is a little more elaborate than a Christmas decoration.

It has a Christmas bow hanging from it, and a Christmas star is attached to it.

Christmas toy.

A Christmas toy is a toy that looks like a Christmas ornament, but that’s really a toy of some kind that looks and sounds like a toy.

Christmas Tree ornament.

This one is an actual tree that looks very much like a tree.

It also has a cross with a little snow on it.

But if you really want to get weird, you can also see a real Christmas tree with a cross on it and a cross.

Christmas Car ornament.

The Christmas Car is actually a real automobile, and the car is decorated in a very traditional Christmas style.

Christmas Star ornament.

In a real-life car, there’s a car that looks really cool.

But when you look at the Christmas star on the car, you see a tree with an attached Christmas Star, with the stars of Jesus Christ and the cross of Christ.

Christmas Toy.

This Christmas Toy is really just an ordinary Christmas Toy that looks pretty cool.

It looks like an ordinary toy.

But you can see it in a real movie theater, a Christmas toy, or on a Christmas-themed toy.

What do you think?

How weird are Christmas decorations?