What are some of your favorite color palettes for your iPhone?

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s a color scheme?

It’s the name of the game, isn’t it?

The answer is, of course, not that simple.

The most obvious color schemes are the ones that are just plain old red and blue, but there are many others that are not only unique but also pretty.

If you’re looking for an artistic theme, here are some ideas for how to present your iPhone wallpaper.

A nice touch in iOS 10 is the ability to set your wallpaper to “pink.”

For the love of all that is holy, don’t be tempted to set a wallpaper with a pink background.

Apple’s Color Picker is supposed to be able to automatically pick colors from a pool of colors based on the app’s settings, but if you’re using iOS 10, it’ll have to be manually selected.

If this isn’t possible, you can also try turning off the app and re-adding your wallpaper.

Another option is to turn off the iOS 10 Color Pick, and reroute your wallpaper via your settings app.

This option, while a bit more involved, will still work fine, especially if you have a color-matched wallpaper already.

Just turn off iOS 10’s Color Search.

In the end, your wallpaper will have to do the work.

If there’s no way to make the color scheme work without messing with the settings, you’ll have a very colorful and colorful iOS 10 wallpaper.

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