NEW YORK — A group of rappers are putting their money where their mouths are with a new anime-themed wall-paper for the holidays.

The wallpaper will be a tribute to the popular anime series, Lil Peeps, featuring some of the most popular characters from the show, including a Lil Peeper named Chuu.

Chuu is one of Lil Peeping’s best friends, who helps him deal with the stress of being a celebrity.

And it looks like it will be even more fun than the original Lil Peechers original wall-papers, because the wallpaper has an image of Lil Pechers face with a flower and a Lil Pep logo.

Lil Peeps characters from ‘LilPeep’ (left to right): Chuu, Peep, Lil Bub, Lil Jughead and Lil Chubby.

This time around, the new Lil Pees wall-paint has an all-new animation.

You can download the wall-art here: This new LilPeepWallpaper is not the only new wallpaper to feature Lil Peppers face, the first LilPeeps wall-wallpapers featured his face.

In May 2017, a LilPees wallpaper featured his eyes.

But it was just a simple, simple LilPeeper, not the famous LilPeeping face.