Google’s Android and Pixel Launcher have a new way of opening up your Pixel phone’s desktop wallpaper that lets you easily switch between them without opening the launcher.

Google has put a button in the home screen menu that lets users choose which desktop wallpaper is displayed when you first launch the Pixel launcher.

The feature is available for Pixel phones running on Android 7.1 Nougat and Pixel phones on Pixel devices running on Marshmallow.

Google says that you can select a wallpaper from your gallery or the desktop, and when you do so, it will automatically switch to the default wallpaper.

If you then launch the launcher and press the button, you can switch between the two and use the Pixel’s built-in clock or date picker to navigate to the new wallpaper.

You can even change the wallpaper manually.

The Google Pixel Launcher, as it is called on the Pixel smartphones, is one of the few Android launchers that lets the user customize their wallpaper from the home page.

The Google Pixel launcher on the other hand offers a similar feature to the one in Android 7 that lets your wallpaper change depending on what is available in the gallery or desktop.

This is an added feature that Google has added to the Pixel apps and Pixel home screens.