Apple has finally announced the new iPhone XR, which comes in two sizes.

The iPhone XRs original iPhone X design is based on the iPhone X, which came out in September.

The new iPhone features a design similar to the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone XS, but with more of a classic look.

The biggest differences are the redesigned buttons on the left side of the iPhone, and the new dual-LED lights in the new “iPhone XR” logo.

The company says the new logo will be available at retailers and online later this month.

The two iPhone Xs phones will both be available in either a silver or gold finish.

There will also be a “XR Black” version with a different color and design.

The price of the new phones is set to start at $999 and go up to $12,000 for the black model.

It also comes with a “Slimline” version, which has the same features, but without the logo.iPhone XRs new features and pricingIn a post on its website, Apple said the new design is “more contemporary and premium.”

The company also detailed some of the other changes.

Apple said it “added more premium feel to the front panel with a bold new design.”

It also added that the front and rear glass is now “larger and brighter.”

The front and back glass of the XR models will now be “larging and brighter,” according to Apple.

The phones will also include a “Dots” feature that lets you “add dots” to your phone wallpaper and add them to other apps.

Apple also made sure the XRs will come with “special features and features that aren’t available on other iPhones.”