The new season premiere of “The Simpsons” hits AMC tonight, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite images from the show’s first week.

The Simpsons is back, folks!

The latest episode will air on October 12 at 9:30pm ET.

Check out the best Simpsons wallpaper for the show, which will cost you $5.00, and the most realistic Simpsons wallpaper ever.

Watch the premiere of The Simpsons tonight, October 12, 9:00pm ET on AMC.

Watch The Simpsons, episode 10, “The Treehouse of Horror VII”The Treehouses of Horror are an annual celebration of horror movies, but the season premiere will take on a different tone.

The episode, titled “The Red Carpet,” is set in the aftermath of a car crash.

The Simpsons is currently airing the season finale, which airs tonight, November 6, at 9pm ET, but will also air a special episode this weekend.

Watch The Simpsons on November 6 at 9 pm ET on ABC.

Watch “The Road to Winter Park”The season premiere is filled with some incredible imagery, from a Simpsons billboard with an old-school red carpet, to a classic episode of The Adventures of Bart and Lisa.

You can also check out some of the most recent Simpsons merchandise from Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

Watch “The Adventures of Homer Simpson” at Comic-con International on Saturday, October 6, from 1:00 pm – 3:00 am ET, and purchase merchandise from The Simpsons merchandise store.

Watch episode 10 of “Treehouse of Horrors” on October 19 at 9 am ET on NBC.

Watch the new episode of “Family Guy” on September 16 at 9 p.m.

ETWatch the episode of Family Guy on September 30 at 9p.m., and watch it again on October 8, at 8:30am ET.

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