The wallpaper in most of our homes is a black and white image.

We’ve always wanted to do a wallpaper that we could look at in our living room and feel like we’re in a movie theater, or in a museum, or even on a big screen, and it seemed like a cool idea at the time.

But when it came time to create the wallpaper, we decided we wanted to put in a little bit of color, so we went with a light brown wallpaper.

We did this because we were tired of using the black and brown wallpaper that people were using and hated because it looked so boring.

But what we found was that most people weren’t really bothered about the color.

They thought it looked great and it didn’t look like anything else on the walls.

And we were like, “Oh, cool, I’m going to do this too!”

We did the same with the wallpaper in the living room.

We started from the top of the house, so I just made a couple of little black squares in the center of the living space.

I thought it was pretty cool, but when I took it down, people started saying it was too dark.

I was like, well, why would you think that?

You don’t need that black and dark background, it just looks nice.

So we tried the same wallpaper with a white background.

We put a black square down on the wall and it did look pretty good.

The other thing we did was put the white background in the hallway in our home.

So the first thing that comes to mind is, we’re trying to build something with our own personal taste, but we also wanted to get people to feel like they’re part of the home.

This wallpaper will be different for everyone, but I know that you can expect it to look good with your wallpaper.