Two weeks ago, Apple revealed the iPhone 8s, iPhone X, and iPhone XS, all of which were expected to arrive in June.

Today, the company has released its first batch of details about the iPhone 12, which will reportedly debut alongside the iPhone 10s, which was first announced back in February.

The iPhone 12 is the first new iPhone to ship with a 3D Touch feature that Apple says “allows for easier and faster navigation.”

Apple’s new feature, which works by scanning the phone screen with the iPhone’s camera, allows the user to “tap, zoom, and scroll to select, copy, and/or share content, or use other gesture-based actions.”

It also allows users to navigate the phone with their finger on a large area of the screen, similar to how the iPhone 6s did with the previous iPhone models.

Apple’s iPhone 12 will come with a new, higher-resolution display and a more powerful processor than the iPhone 9s, the phone that debuted in September 2017.

It will also be thinner, at 7.9mm (0.35 inches) versus 9.5mm (1.5 inches) for the 9s and 8s.

Apple also revealed a new “slim and sleek” iPhone 12 back that it says will be available at retail “later this summer.”