Christmas wallpapers will be a major part of this year’s holiday decorating trend.

They’re a visual representation of the year’s special moments and celebrations, like birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas Day.

Some of them are even personalized to each individual, like the portrait of a mother who just celebrated her second birthday.

But there’s also a growing trend of wallpapers with more colorful themes, like those for the US flag.

Wallpapers of the American flag are also popular with designers, with Wallpaper Designer and ArtisticWallpaper making the list of the top 10 most popular wallpapers of 2014.

The Wallpaper Designers Association of America (WDA) has compiled this list of top wallpapers from Wallpaper designer, Artistic Wallpaper, and Creative Wallpaper.

The top 10 wallpapers are based on Wallpaper Designs Magazine’s annual list of Wallpapers.

They are all based on art and design, but are not limited to one theme.

The top 10 are:American flag,Aerosmith,Bridal shower,Carousel,Christmas tree,Christmas decorations,Christmas trees,Christmas lights,Cars,Candy cane,Christmas carol,Christmas clock,Christmas sign,Christmas house,Christmas night,Christmas,Christmas story,Christmas spirit,Christmas-themed wallpaper,Crown of thorns,Christmas Eve,Crazy red,Darth Vader,Disney,Disneyland,Disney Princess,Disney World,Drew Barrymore,Disney house,Disney theme park,DisneyWorld Resort,Dreamworks Animation,Easter eggs,Disney logo,Disney Pixar,Epcot,Equinox,Empire State Building,Emmy award,Evanston,Fairy tales,Giant,Golden Gate Bridge,Golden boy,Gnome,Halloween,Hollywood,Icarus,International symbol,International airport,International anthem,International Olympic Committee,International Olympics,Jingle Bells,Jet Black,Lighthouse,Lithograph,Ludacris,Mama,Mastodon,Museum of Natural History,Movies,Music,Musical theatre,National Geographic,National Lampoon,National Parks,New Year’s Eve,New Years,Nicki Minaj,Nick Jr.,Olympic torch,Paparazzi,Painted horse,Panties,Pink horse,Princess of Wales,Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,Sally Ride,Santa,Scary Movie,Shark,Shrek,Shower,Santa Claus,Shutterbugs,Skull,Skylark,Skylab,Skytrain,Slide Show,Snow White,Snoopy,Soda,Space shuttle,Star Wars,Star Trek,,St. Patrick’s Day,Starr,Stairway to Heaven,Superbowl,Tangerine,Teddy bear,Tear-drop,Tiger,Tidal wave,Tree,Toyota,Vegas,Walt Disney World,White House,World Cup,White Christmas,Winter Wonderland,Winter White,Wings of Christmas,Wooly mammothSource: WallpaperDesigners Association