I am a fan of Apple’s latest phone.

Its a very sleek design and its very sleek.

And of course it has a stunning design.

But it’s not the only thing I love about the iPhone 5S.

And that is the fact that there are so many other things I love as well.

I’m not just saying that the new phone looks very much like an iPhone 5, I’m also saying that its the same screen, the same design and the same hardware.

So, I really, really like the iPhone5s, and I really really don’t want to give up on it.

I love the new iPhone 5 and I have to say that the one thing I don´t like is the french wallpaper on the iPhone.

The wallpaper on my iPhone5 is pretty much the same, except that its on a different scale and it has different colors.

But I still like the french-style wallpaper on iPhone5, so I can’t complain about that.

So I don`t like it and I donít like the new iPhones wallpaper.

I think that the french style is just bad.

So let me show you what I mean.

I found the french wallpapers on iPhone 5 to be the worst.

There were no colors that I liked.

And there were no cool colors to complement the iPhone’s beautiful design.

I also found the wallpapers to be extremely expensive, and even worse, the price tag of the french version of iPhone5 was $1,000.

This is a big problem when you buy an iPhone and then you want to use it in France.

And when I went to the store to buy a French iPhone 5 from the iPhone store, the prices were just outrageous.

It was around $1 000.

It felt like I was buying an iPhone that cost me $10,000!

It was horrible!

So when I found that the French wallpapers were just horrible and I had to buy the iPhone from another iPhone store in another country, I didn’t really care about it.

I didn`t even really like them.

I just liked the iPhone!

I like the French wallpaper, but I hate it when I see it on my new iPhone.

I like the cool colors, I like how the wallpaper is curved, but the colors on my phone are just not cool.

They look like they were made by someone who has never used a computer or any software.

And they don` t look like I have ever used any color.

They are just horrible colors.

And you can see it when you look at it.

And so I don�t know why the french Wallpapers are such a big deal.

But you have to understand what the French Wallpapers were not.

And I think they are just one of the problems.

The french wallpaper was made by Apple, which is a large corporation.

It had a lot of money to spend.

They created the wallpaper for the iPhone, and they also designed the software for it.

And this is how they do it: they create a wallpaper that is just the color of their device.

The colors of the iPhone are chosen and they use the wallpaper to make the iPhone look beautiful.

I have heard that the wallpaper designers were paid millions of dollars to create these amazing images.

So it seems that Apple is paying people to create the wallpaper.

And if they wanted to, they could hire a designer to create them.

But it seems Apple made the wallpaper for its iPhone, because they paid a designer for that.

And the designer doesn`t have to work for Apple anymore.

They can just go to the iPhone Store and buy the wallpaper they want, and then use it on their iPhone.

And, of course, you don`re paying them to create a wonderful wallpaper.

But Apple didn` t do this because it wanted to pay people to design its products.

The company wanted to create beautiful products that were available to everyone.

And Apple didn’t want the wallpaper on iPhones to look like the wallpaper of another iPhone, either.

And so they paid people to make these beautiful images that are available to all.

And it seems like Apple doesn` t want people to pay designers to create this amazing iPhone wallpaper, because it is just a bad business decision.

So, what Apple should do is give the designers that were paid to create that beautiful wallpaper the money they paid them.

They should also give the iPhone manufacturers the money for this beautiful wallpaper.

They need to pay their designers to design beautiful wallpaper that Apple wants to sell.

And then they should pay people like me to design these beautiful iPhone wallpapers, too.

So they could pay designers and designers could pay iPhone manufacturers and iPhones could pay all of us.

They could all design beautiful iPhone wallpaper for everyone.

And the French designer who created this beautiful iPhoneWallpaper should also get a big payback from Apple.

Because Apple should